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Add: East of Huanghe bridge, Cailing road, Qishuyan district, Changzhou city, Jiangsu province

TEL: 0086 519 88388108

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Email: fy.kathy@fy-motor.com

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Company Profile

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Changzhou Fengyuan Micro & Special Motors Co.,Ltd (hereafter “FYM”) is a professional manufacturer and exporter of PM stepper motor. With manufacturing area of 10000㎡,we have the production capability of 8 million motors per year. 60% of FYM’s products are sold in the overseas market, mainly to the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, the United States and Southeast Asia. The company has over 20 years of expertise in product R&D, production, and sales, with advanced manufacturing and management methods. With excellent quality, good service and leading technology, we have achieved high customer appraisal and the company's sales have risen sharply over the years.
For the company’s sustainable development, we have implemented the quality management system certificated by ISO900 and have obtained the ISO/IATF (TS) 16949 quality management system certificate issued by TüV SüD PSB Certification. In addition, the company's products have obtained CE certification and comply with EU RoHS requirements. Our products are also CE, ROHS certificated. 
Our main products include 9 series of PM stepper motors with diameters from 10mms to 64mms, which are most commonly utilized on computer peripheral equipment, entertainment and automobile lighting, other automotive parts, bank financial systems, boilers, etc. 
The PM linear stepper motor developed by FYM is the executive control element of the bypass valve in automobile’s electronic injection system. It is also widely sed in automobile dimming systems and dual-fuel systems. Currently, our company has a daily production capacity of 5,000 units. The successful development of this product has filled a gap in the domestic industry. 
HB series hybrid stepper motors, VR series hysteresis stepper motors and precision reduction stepper motors are the company's other main products, which have successfully transformed from research and development to mass production.
Our purpose: Customer satisfaction is our guiding principle

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Tel: 0086 519 88388208

Fax: 0086 519 88380578

Product manager: Mr.Yu

E-mail: info@fy-motor.com

Add: 216# Guanzhuang, Yaoguan town, Changzhou Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu province

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